Against Religious Freedom

Liberalism claims to have emerged as a peacemaking power onto a world ravaged by religiously motivated wars between Catholics and Protestants. Judith Shklar tells the common tale, writing: Liberalism… was born out of the cruelties of the religious civil wars, which forever rendered the claims of Christian charity a rebuke to all religious institutions and … Continue reading Against Religious Freedom

The Rhetoric of Gay Rights

I've written before here that liberalism's aspirations to an unbiased public space that eschews troublesome particularities by bracketing questions of religion and morality is an aspiration to tyranny. However, it's never occurred to me until now that the greatest argument against the terrorists of tolerance is the success of their own rhetoric. In recent years, … Continue reading The Rhetoric of Gay Rights

What Is This Blog? What Is Theology?

This is a blog devoted to reflection upon theology. However, as I shall soon make clear, a blog devoted to writing about theology is a blog that must be devoted to writing about everything. Theology is a reverent and prayerful reflection upon God’s self-disclosure in revelation received in the bottomless depths of one’s silence in … Continue reading What Is This Blog? What Is Theology?